Track 2


Course 1 – April 2, June 1, August 1 or November 1

This course focuses on 15 key objectives, including the use of tools such as SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces Model, establishing the theme (objective), understanding 22 skill sets, utilizing tactics and preparing a Negotiation Plan with fundamental exercises and case studies.

Course 2 – April 9, June 5, August 8, or November 5 


This course focuses on 17 key objectives, including proper budgeting, comparing cost types vs. behaviors vs. decisions, calculating supplier profitability and rolling out to both your internal customers and suppliers with fundamental exercises and case studies.

Course 3 – April 16, June 12, August 15 or November 12  

This course focuses on 13 key objectives, including a review of 6 risk categories, the application of the Law of Agency and SOX (its effect on Supply Management), managing hazardous waste and preventing employee discrimination and/or harassment with fundamental exercises and case studies.

Course 4 – April 23, June 19, August 22 or November 19 


This course will take you into 13 objectives of Logistics Management including a look at the international arena. Next, the focus is on warehousing and distribution which provides the interface between the factory and the customer. We then focus on transportation including modes and pricing.  

Course 5 – April 30, June 26, August 29 or November 26 


This course focuses on 14 key objectives including the specific activities that occur in each stage above including the CPM – Critical Path Method and EVMS – Earned Value Management System, the interaction of Six Sigma with DMAIC, including the importance of a good cross-functional team with fundamental exercises and case studies.

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